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Definition of High Performance by the High Performance Institute: “Succeeding beyond standard norms over the long term, while maintaining positive well-being and relationships.”
High Performance Coach, Michael Alf
He has been working with leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs to help them get to the next level of High Performance, especially in today’s fast changing world.
Working at the intersection of emerging technologiers and personal transformation, Michael has also developed a framework for “High Performance in the Digital Age”.
Most of us have a particular main blocker that prevents us from reaching the next level of High Performance. Knowing YOUR blocker, is the first step to reach the next level.
"My perspectives have broadened and I have become much more open to new ideas because of the program. Also, because of the excellent course material, I still have the opportunity to review and correct my perspective after the fact. I highly recommend this program and working with Michael."
Michael Schmidt
CEO purpleview GmbH
What’s YOUR #1
High Performance Blocker?
Take this FREE 60-second quiz to find out
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