Physical conferences will always be around because the personal connection is critical and cannot (yet) be replaced.
But also the demand for digestion of new content has dramatically increased. And with it the demand for experts to present this content.
So virtual summits have found a place in addition to physical conferences. In the future both will grow together even more to the point where every physical conference will also have a virtual component.
But I also believe that there will be “virtual only” conferences because not always is it possible to travel and to setup the physical environment.

Based on our first virtual summit in March 2015, I have developed the Virtual Summit Formula and published a book with the same title. Click here to get a copy).

Here I describe the seven steps of a virtual summit. It’s a great start for you to get acquainted with the concept before embarking on a potential summit journey.


Clearly one of the biggest benefits of a virtual summit are the hundreds and thousands of leads you generate for your business.
Maybe you have a virtual summit with only a few hundred people registering or you have one with thousands. We have seen both and even the smaller numbers can be a significant shift for your business when you know how to leverage those leads.
Usually a virtual summit not only generates thousands of leads but also hundreds of customers. This is baked into the approach and the concept.
And as you might know, a customer is ten times as value as a lead because they have paid already money for your products and services.


Another major benefit of a virtual summit which we probably underestimated in the beginning, is the fact that you connect with experts in your field.
Usually you can interview with and along that spend some quality time with them.
And via the Virtual Summit you can also support and help them and their business because you promote them and give exposure.
We have had the most amazing guest and speakers on our summits – people you usually wouldn’t get “airtime” with. But the summit concepts supports this.

Think about the experts in your field – who would you like to connect with?


A related benefit is that you elevate your position in your marketplace. Being a host and interviewing the experts in this field makes you an expert as well.
This is both perceived because you are in the proximity of other experts but also because you distil the best information of the best speakers in one field.
That way you can grow into the expert status pretty quickly.

I have seen that again and again and it is totally fascinating.


And the final major benefit of a virtual summit is the amazing content you create in a short period of time.
By interviewing (global) experts on a topic, you have a collection of world class interviews at your hands. Leveraging this content can further boost your business.

Ideas are Podcasts, Books, Digital Products and more.

Caroline Shaw – CEO “GLOBAL SUCCESS EVENTS” talks about her virtual summit experience.

Where from here?

You have heard and read about some of the major benefits of a virtual summit.

After having executed more than 12+ virtual summits for ourselves and others, we have collected a lot of experience on what is working and what is not. And there are many traps and issues out there.

And of course, there is a lot of work involved to make everything happen.

Is it worth it? In many cases it is and sometimes it might not be but it’s certainly worth an initial 10 minutes conversation about your topic.

Just book a time that works for you. I will ask you a number of questions to identify if it’s a good fit. Ideally, you would have ready the Virtual Summit Formula book before (about 75min reading time).

Here the quote of one of our summit clients (summit host Richard):

“Without Michael’s help I wouldn’t have been able to create a professional, slick and amazing summit to attract the speakers that I had! They were always on point to resolve any issues and without them I wouldn’t have been able to put on a show quite like what we managed together.” Richard Phu