Not only leading yourself is an increasing challenge in the Digital Age.

But also leading others like your team is more and more complex and requires different skills.

There are multiple and very different generations in an organisation, there is more technology that is supposed to support you than ever and the ways of operating are more and more fluid.

So, how do you prepare yourself and your team?

Explore how I could help you on this journey based on my personal leadership experience in multiple roles, my unique approach combined with the “High Performance in the Digital Age” framework.


Stage 1: High Performance Leadership Survey

I usually suggest to start with a team survey on High Performance Leadership on an individual and team level.

This is a great basis for a successful journey.

Stage 2: Leadership Workshop

Based on the survey results, we then head into a leadership workshop.

With some initial context setting on High Performance (as defined by the High Performance Institute) and my “High Performance in the Digital Age” framework, we focus on interactive exercises.

Stage 3: Personal Agility

The other key element is “Personal Agility”.

The exercises are intended to provide a practical overview how scrum works on the personal and team level.

It includes the set-up of a personal scrum board.

This way, participants can get used to this particular way of operating.

Stage 4: Ongoing support

Depending on the needs, we can discuss an on-going support in form of group coaching for 12 weeks.

This is completely optional but enhances and deepens the learnings and will lead to a more impactful result going forward.

So, when you want to discuss how I could work with you and your team, book an initial 20-minute call to discuss your situation and needs.

We then can agree on a way forward.