If you are an executive in a corporate role and you want to prepare yourself for the increasing disruption and change and are looking for a sparring partner, reach out.

From my own experience, I know that today’s managers and executives are more challenged than ever before. The rate of change is increasing, new technologies and ways of operating are quickly emerging and tomorrow’s competitors might not be on the radar today.

In this environment, a huge focus and attention need to be given to your current role. Questions like, how your team and your organisation benefit from disruption, how does the organisation spot and mitigate new risks and how do you ensure that you and your team are always up-to-date to make the best possible decisions, are top of mind.

Typically this doesn’t leave a lot of time for yourself. How do you stay on top? How do you prepare yourself? How do you position yourself in the best way? How do you reduce the risk of missing your blind spots? Who do you discuss ideas and approaches with who is independent of your current situation?

This is where we can work together. When you work with me, you can benefit from my broad experiences, my constant and ongoing research at the intersection of disruption and personal transformation and my experience as a Certified High Performance Coach.

Set up a 10 minutes call to discuss your situation and the suitability so we can jointly decide if we want to work together.

I look forward to the conversation!

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