Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching


Today’s careers get increasingly challenging. Not only is it harder to stay on top of everything for your current role. Furthermore, you need to prepare yourself for the next step, up-skill so you are qualified for the next challenge.


In addition to that, there is more uncertainty about most industries. Will your role still exist? Will the organisation still exist? Even well-established organisations are not safe against Digital Disruption. And finally your work and life gets more and more integrated which can lead to more difficulties in making time for your family.


All this of course, is balanced by great new opportunities for you. Many roles are getting more and more challenging which means a faster individual growth path. When you manage to make impact in an organisation, career advancement can be substantial.


But how do you balance both sides and avoid the negatives? How do you spot opportunities and reflect with someone?


Work with me! I have two different programs depending on your situation. Get in touch and find out if we are a good fit and if there are slots available.

I look forward to working with you!

Take your career to the next level

The first big block we focus on is your career. Careers usually have the single biggest impact on how your life is setup.
Do you have a local role without travel or do you have a global role and you are on the road 45+ weeks per year? I have seen and done both – and can share insights.
Are you managing a team, do you have P&L responsibility? Are you customer facing or responsible for shared services? Are you a CIO who needs to understand and talk business or are you a Director who requires a solid digital understanding?
Each situation is unique but in my view there are also common skills and a mindset supporting the new ways of working and thinking. And there is the need to have someone who can discuss your thoughts without judgement and risk who provides new and independent perspectives.

Prepare yourself

Even with the best career planning, things might not work out as planned.
Again – I have experienced this myself more than once. The organisation might get disrupted (Digital Disruption occurs outside-in), it might be taken over and structures are reshuffled. Or the political landscape is changing, and you end up on the “wrong side” without any “wrong doing”.

More and more we will also see the situation that automation and artificial intelligence takes over. This has implication both on the “working” level and on the management level. There is need for less roles and management levels.
This might be just around the corner and you know it’s coming, or it might be 12 or 24 months away.

Wouldn’t it be great to prepare yourself for such a situation? Put things in place which ease a situation or prepare yourself with a transition from now to the next stage.

When we work together, we look at various scenarios and develop your roadmap.

Embrace disruption to help you thrive

As you might have read before, my favourite spot is the at the intersection of (technology) disruption and personal transformation.
I am passionate about showing and helping individuals to harness this disruption so you can thrive – in your current role and organisation or outside.
To enable and support this thriving, I believe in the support of a personal transformation. It is like a business transformation which you might have managed before. Without taking the individuals and the teams on the journey, the business transformation will most likely fail.
In organisations, business transformation usually doesn’t look at the individual – or not to a large extent. Change programs try to address this to some extent – but often scratching only the surface.
When you want and need to disrupt yourself in a significant way, you need to embrace personal transformation. This requires discipline and models – that’s why I created Disciplined Disruption.
So work with me to find your model for your personal path.

My passion is to help individuals like you who are already successful to harness your skills and experiences and to thrive in today’s fast-changing world.


I strongly believe that these enormous experiences, know-how and determination can be leveraged to make a real impact in today’s world.


I am not questioning the level of impact, today’s management roles are making, but I also see the opportunity to create something new – something that brings together the old good and the new opportunities to the benefit of your own progress and the benefit of your family.


That’s why would love to work with you! The first step is a short 10-minute call where I have a few questions to determine if I can support you and we are a good fit. So, pick a time that works for you.