Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

The world has arrived in the Digital Age.

Almost everything becomes or includes digital.

Still, a lot of companies – especially SME’s – don’t have a digital strategy.

How is everything linked together? What needs to be covered in each part of the organisation?

I created an approach specifically for small and medium-sized businesses who don’t want to or cannot work with the major consulting companies. Having background with some of the largest IT and consulting companies myself, I know exactly the strengths and limits.

My focus is to provide you with a simple but effective transformation roadmap to clearly articulate the priorities over the next 12 to 18 months.

If that sounds interesting, please set-up an initial 20-minutes conversation so I better understand your situation. And we can together evaluate if we should take the next step and work together on your Digital Strategy.

STEP 1: Online Survey

Ahead of the Digital Strategy workshop, you are going to conduct an online assessment which is the baseline for our work.

This goes across all relevant areas and will deliver a maturity score.

The goal is to use this score and the input to get the most out of the workshop.

STEP 2: Digital Strategy Workshop

After completion of the online survey, we conduct a workshop (usually 4 to 5 hours) where we take the survey results and create a transformation map together.

Ideally, you have your leadership team involved here because that way the organisation gains the most momentum.

STEP 3: 3-months momentum support

One of the biggest challenges is to create a consistent momentum when so much is happening in a business.

I speak from experience from my clients but also from my own business.

Therefore, I provide an ongoing guidance and support over three months to focus on the implementation of the agreed initiatives.

This is in the form of a monthly momentum call.

After the three months, we decide together if and what kind of support your business needs going forward.

Simple Commercial Model

I wanted to create a simple commercial model where you know exactly how much you invest.

Because of the set-up, there is no “risk” that I try to sell something after the project.

It’s simple, clean and focused on what you and your business needs.

More on our call!