Book Publishing

 Book Publishing


How many eBooks have you received in the last three months alone? I guess many! And how many of those have you opened or even read? In average 95% of all eBooks are never opened (or not beyond the table of content at least).


And how many printed book have you received in the same time? I assume far less. And how many have you opened and at least partially read?


There is a revival of the printed book as something people value. And there are good reasons for it.
From my own work having now published six books for myself and my clients and from my work with a group of publishers who published hundreds of books, I have experienced some of the most amazing stories how a book can change a life.


Read on and see if publishing a book is something for you – and it’s actually doable! Believe me!

Become a published author

One key benefit of being an author is that you are recognised as a thought leader in your specific field.
Let me share one story with you:
Sandi was a balloon artist. She organised parties and used balloons as props. The business was ok but not great.
Then she wrote a published a book about the topic which also became an international #1 Best-Seller in Amazon in various categories.
This raised the interest of local and then national TV stations. Sandi was invited several times to speak and present live on camera – together with other celebrities. Her business sky-rocketed.
And all of that only because of the book she published.

Stewart – a client of mine – is a Business coach. He was building his business and decided that a book would boost is reputation. And it did. He is presenting at local business functions, generating leads. It is also a great intro into conversations with prospects and helps closing deals.

So get started today and be recognised as the thought leader you are in your field.

Everybody has a book inside. You might have heard this, thought this or even said this. Or someone said it to you and encouraged you to write a book.
When you are a professional in any area or field, you definitely have a book inside you.
And similar to most of my clients, you might say that you don’t have the time – or the knowledge – to complete and publish the book.
This might be correct but it also might be the case that the time required is less than you think it is.
Taking your printed book out of the box for the first time is a unique experience and feeling. It is accomplishment, pride and pleasure – at least that is what I and others experienced.
A book makes you a “published author”. Whenever you present somewhere, you get introduced as such. When you meet someone, you have a unique business card to give away.
So reach out and discuss how you can become a published author.

Become recognised as a thought leader

Leverage your positioning to move ahead

Amazing things can happen when you start the journey of a book – and you never know where it ends.
Let me share another story of John.
John had a digital marketing agency that was doing quite well already. He then published his first book that included “work of mouth marketing” in the subtitle.
This book was picked up my a conference organiser who was looking for a speaker. John agreed to present – without a fee. It was a medical conference and John informed the organisers that he doesn’t know anything about the topic. “Talk about marketing” was the response.
The presentation went very well. Based on various conversations regarding health travel (this is when you travel somewhere else for treatment), he came up with the suggestion to launch a Podcast on the topic. Everybody loved the idea but nobody picked it up.
So John launched the Podcast, had a million listeners in the first 12 months, published another book and is now recognised as one of the global experts on the topic.

This story is certainly an extreme example how well things can go – but there are plenty more.
Based on my second book “Virtual Summit Formula”, I am regularly approached as a Podcast guest or more. It is the perfect pre-qualification for potential clients because they understand my thinking and my approach before we go into the details.
It can be an amazing story – so get it started today!

Win new clients, partner and opportunities

I have already touched on a number of benefits but there is more.
One key element of the “new book approach” is that the revenue is not coming from the book (that is the very rare exception) but it is a lead generator.
Let’s do the maths using a simple example:
You are speaking in front of 100 people on your topic. You hand out a book to every individual in the room – so that is 100 books. Let’s assume you have cost of $6.00 per book, so that is $600 expenses.
How many potential leads do you have? I would say 100. You might generate five to ten opportunities – depending on the relevance of your topic. And you might convert 2 or 3 of those.
Depending on your deal value, this might mean thousands of dollars in additional revenue with very little sales cost.

Let me give you another example: You co-author a book with eight other authors. These are eight more potential business opportunities for you. I have seen and experienced this with my work more than once.

The opportunities stemming from a book a multifold – and you never know what else is initiated by your book.

Business Advisor Stewart Clark about his experience

We found it (the book) to be a very useful tool and I must say I am very proud of the end result. The one thing I would recommend is that you get a coach, get Michael as a coach. He provided some fantastic guidance.

Stewart Clark

Cate Bakos, Author of “Successful Property Investment” talks about her experience.

Where from here?

A book is a great supporting element for your professional journey – be it for your career or your business.

With limited investment in time and money, you can make a big step forward.

Book an initial short 10-minutes call with me where we discuss your (book) situation and if it’s the right moment to move forward.