AI, Ethics and What Happens at the Fringes

AI, Ethics and What Happens at the Fringes

“A key concern that all the experts bring up is the ethics of artificial intelligence.”, Thomas Hornigold.

AI is one of the biggest hype topics of our time – next to Cryptocurrency maybe 😉

Is it hype or reality?

Hard to say based on my experience interviewing some of the leading AI researchers and experts for my Podcast.

No doubt, AI is impacting our lives in almost every aspect; and a lot more than we assume or expect.

The big question is if and when AI is moving into general intelligence.

Another key topic which came up in my interviews is AI & ethics.

There is a reason why Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are concerned about AI. It’s less AI but more about the ethics of AI.

Who sets standards?

Who governs AI?

Who controls AI when AI is programming itself and develops algorithms no human has ever thought about before?

When Google Alpha was shown (not learned) chess, it didn’t take long for the AI to develop its own strategy. Experts called it “an alien strategy” because it wasn’t like humans are playing chess or like machines are playing chess.

I found this short film by Director Henry Dunham, “The Awareness”. It shows that while a public ethics debate is important, we cannot control what happens at the fringes.

Watch it here:

“I created the future on a $30 table.”

What is your approach to AI in your business?


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