#049 – Josh Ross – Co-Founder Humanitix

#049 – Josh Ross – Co-Founder Humanitix

Josh co-founded Humanitix with a friend. Humanitix is a NFP ticketing platform that supports charities. 

This in itself is already an interesting story. 

But Josh’s personal story is insightful too! From sharing a salary with his friend and co-founder to moving back to the parents, it’s a true entrepreneurial story. 


More about Humanitix

 Humanitix is a registered DGR-1 Charity. 100% of profits go into indigenous scholarships, meals for the homeless, domestic violence shelters etc.

Find out more here: http://www.humanitix.com

Read an article here.

How it works (download graphic):

How it works


More About Josh

Josh studied finance and accounting at Macquarie University. He joined Watermark Funds Management in early 2010 as the third employee in the investment team. He consistently remained one of the top performers over 7 years, helping to establish Watermark as one of Australia’s leading hedge funds. Josh Ross is a CFA® charterholder. In late 2016 Josh co-founded Humanitix, Australia’s first not-for-profit ticketing platform, having recently received runners-up Social Entrepreneurs of the year by Third Sector.

How to connect with Josh

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshua-ross-59ab082b/

Humanitix: https://www.humanitix.com/about-us/




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