#042 – Julian Smith – CEO Blockfreight

#042 – Julian Smith – CEO Blockfreight

Blockchain is one of the biggest disrupting technology. 

Many people, today, talk about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

But Blockchain will have an impact on many industries. And more and more disruptors are emerging. 

One of them, Blockfreight, tackles the container industry which is massive.

Especially in Australia where we import most goods, 90% of everything comes in a container to Australia – including our complete belongings when we arrived nine years ago.

Julian Smith, Founder and CEO of Blockfreight, shares his story in this episode. It’s not only interesting because of the use of Blockchain but also because of his Entrepreneurial story. 

His final question is a completely different one: How old is a baby born today will become? 300? 

Curious? Enjoy the episode!

More About Blockfreight and Julian Smith

Blockfreight™ the blockchain of global freight is an Open Source (MIT) licensed project building a network to support 360,000,000 containers on network by 2020.

Julian Smith – 10+ year technical (software engineer) startup founder and entrepreneur. ₿itcoin advocate, libertarian, human. Blockfreight, Inc. CEO.

How to contact Julian and Blockfreight

Web: https://blockfreight.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jsmith_dev

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jsmithdev/



And download the free “High Performance in the Digital Framework” here: 






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