#041 – Peter Kronborg – Advisor and Entrepreneur

#041 – Peter Kronborg – Advisor and Entrepreneur

In this episode, I had my good friend and mentor, Peter Kronborg, as my guest. 

Peter is looking back on an incredible career of “adventure” as he calls it. Starting out as a lawyer, the path took very unusual turns. 

Peter is a highly regarded board advisor, innovation advisor but most of all a very humble and wise individual who brings very different perspectives to today’s business life. 

His perspective is that we need to uncover heart, emotion and spirit in the way how we conduct business because the other areas don’t give us enough satisfaction and differentiation anymore. 

He also shares his four magic steps providing a pragmatic approach to today’s challenges. 

Most importantly, he poses the question:”How can I develop self-knowing.”

I know you are going to love his views and perspectives!


And connect with Peter on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterkronborg/


And when you want to get access to the H.P.D.A. framework, please go to https://hpda.link/mahpda


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