#038 – Michael Alf – The H.P.D.A. Framework

#038 – Michael Alf – The H.P.D.A. Framework

This Episode is a special one. 

I decided to talk about the H.P.D.A. (High Performance in the Digital Age) framework, so you have a better understanding where Disciplined Disruption fits in.

This framework helps you to lead yourself and others better in today’s fast-changing world. 

It’s the foundation for my keynote and group presentations. 

The session is deliberately short because it’s me talking. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

Let me know when you have any questions.


More Information: http://www.michaelalf.com

Your Morning Routine Framework: http://hpda.link/mamorningroutine

Listen to the story of my client Markus Keiper: http://hpda.link/hpcmarkusk



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