#035 – Doron Ben-Meir – Vice-Principal University Melbourne

#035 – Doron Ben-Meir – Vice-Principal University Melbourne

The University of Melbourne invests a lot of money into research. We talk about $1bn! 

And that’s across thousands of academics and researchers. 

Still, one of the main challenges universities face is the leverage and the application of this research to the benefit of industry and society. 

This is why Doron was brought on board of the Melbourne University. 

With an amazing background in Entrepreneurship, Venture Capitalism and Start-Up Support, Doron is certainly the right person at the right place. 

Learn from him how he wants to change the collaboration between the University and various players in the market. 

More About Doron Ben-Meir

Mr Ben-Meir has extensive experience in the venture capital industry and commercialisation more generally. Over the past twenty-six years he has been involved in numerous venture capital organisations; has been a founder or co-founder of six start-up companies; as well as an investor, investment manager, and advisor to several other companies. 

In April 2010 Mr Ben-Meir was appointed by the Australian Federal Government as the inaugural CEO of Commercialisation Australia and, from 1 July 2014, was further appointed as the Director of the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme. 

In this role, Mr Ben-Meir led the establishment of a national portfolio of over 550 companies including 4 successful exits and several substantial capital raisings (>$5million).

In June 2015 Mr Ben-Meir was appointed the inaugural Executive Director of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation at the University of Melbourne and CEO of University of Melbourne Commercial Limited, with responsibility for all research funding, external commercial engagements and the commercialisation of University generated intellectual property.

In July 2016 Mr Ben-Meir was appointed Vice-Principal Enterprise on the Chancellery Executive of the University of Melbourne. Building upon the operational base established within the Research, Innovation and Commercialisation portfolio, this new role is responsible for the overarching strategic development of the University’s Enterprise Agenda which focuses on the appropriate utilisation of the University’s human capital, physical assets & platforms, investment capital and its intellectual property portfolio to maximise the resources available for its research and teaching objectives.

How to Connect with Doron

Website: http://www.unimelb.edu.au

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doron-ben-meir-bsc-be-hons-32a32/


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