#031 – Franz Madlener – Founder Villa & Hut

#031 – Franz Madlener – Founder Villa & Hut

Franz’ question as one nobody really has asked him was “Would you do it again?”

In this deep conversation, Franz provides a view behind the curtain of a roller-coaster journey. Franz was Founder of Villa & Hut which he sold successfully. But the success didn’t last, and he was hit hard. Getting back took a while, and Franz shares more of that in the conversation. 

Now Franz is a popular speaker, mentor and also a Non-Executive Director. 

We also discuss quite deep questions like

“Would you like to swap roles with me?” 

The answer seems quite easy and straightforward when you are on top of the mountain or after you bounced back to the next top after a deep valley. But what’s the answer in the middle of it? 

Another area we explore together is the question of what kind of experience matters in today’s world. Things are changing at an incredible speed – so what’s constant (except change) and what matters? 

I know you will love this episode with Franz! 

How to connect with Franz

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/franz-madlener-maicd-b39ab213

Twitter: https://twitter.com/franzmadlener


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