#029 – David Brim- Disrupting Automotive

#029 – David Brim- Disrupting Automotive

Have you ever driven a car that you cannot flip? Imagine you drive down a hill at an angle which would make a normal car land on its top. Scary? Indeed! 

I was lucky to be invited by CEO Tomcar, David Brim, as part of the interview to test-drive his car. 

The interview with David was interesting in the way that he provided different perspectives on how to disrupt an industry. He also spoke about some of the benefits and challenges of Australia. 

Tomcar background

Tomcar Australia is the first and only choice when it comes to choosing a premium, high performance, off-road utility vehicle. 

Our vehicles are safe, well built and tough. They’re easy to drive and even easier to maintain, with off roading performance second to none.

We manufacture our revolutionary off-road vehicles in Melbourne Australia with our multi-award winning production partner MTM Auto.

It’s been hard work building Australia’s first off-road ATV factory, but we believe the world needs a tougher, safer and simpler off road utility vehicle. One you can configure to your every need.

Our vehicles have fewer moving parts than traditional vehicles and enjoy multiple parts symmetry from left to right. We use the best materials, and we mean the best. Super tough, no plastic, custom-made. Our Italian high/low diff lock gearbox is a mini miracle.

The life of our vehicles is measured in decades, not years. 

Cost of ownership is staggeringly low compared to anything on the market. So cheap to run, and run hard. Military grade build quality throughout.


Get in touch with David and Tomcar

Website: http://tomcar.com.au/

David on LinekdIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dbrim





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