#028 – Constantine Georgiou – Passion for Startup Eco-System

#028 – Constantine Georgiou – Passion for Startup Eco-System

What’s wrong with corporates?

Con asked this question and decided to start his own business back in 2008.

It has been an exciting ride since then where he created organisations with literally no attrition because of the culture he built.

Now, he plays a key role in the Startup Eco-System helping founders to grow and connecting corporates and startups. 

We also discussed what you can do to address your blind spots. 

Here three of his tips: 

– get a coach or mentor

– investigate “The Work” http://thework.com/en

– keep a diary

Enjoy the conversation!


More About Con

As a Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Coach with 25yr expertise in disruptive technology, new market development, capital raising and corporate development Constantine has had his fair share of disruption. Since founding and exiting Velteo to IBM Bluewolf in 2012, a Tech Innovation Agency he has played a major role in disrupting Corporates and enabling the startup eco-system in Australia including being a founding member at Capital Pitch, a Venture Capital Accelerator, where he led the selection, curation and Investment Committee process across more than 230 startups. 
He is committed to his own personal disruption as a student of a process called The Work which was founded by Byron Katie an amazing tool for self inquiry. He is now committed to Founder Development initiatives that bring to life the next wave of elite disruptive startups.

How to connect with Con

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/congeorgiou/

Website: http://www.congeorgiou.com/

The Work by Byron Katie: http://thework.com/en

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Congo_



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