#022 – Felix Hartmann – CEO Fundthis.com

#022 – Felix Hartmann – CEO Fundthis.com

Another amazing millennial guest on the show. 

This time, I am talking to Felix Hartmann, 21 years of age. He was already a successful broker, an Amazon best-selling author and now CEO of the Crowdfunding platform Fundthis.com

Felix shows what is possible in today’s world. We discuss the power of crowdfunding – and the sibling crowdsourcing – and how this can dramatically alter how organisations approach products development.

Felix explains some of the key advantages of using a crowd platform like a validation of an idea or the creation of true fans. 

Fundthis.com’s mission is to democratise capitalism. 

Enjoy this session!

More about Felix

Felix Hartmann is the 22-year-old CEO of the brand new crowdfunding portal FundThis.com and Author of the Bestselling Dystopian novel Dark Age.

How to get in touch with Felix and Fundthis.com

Website: http://www.FundThis.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felixohartmann/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/felixohartmann 


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