#020 – Gabrielle Bosché – Founder of Millennial Solution

#020 – Gabrielle Bosché – Founder of Millennial Solution

Because Millennials will play an important role in the future of organisations, and it’s important to understand how to work with, lead them and learn from them, I am excited to have another expert on the show with Gabrielle Bosché.

She has written a number of book on the topic already and is working with major organisations.

Did you know that Millennials can be split into two main groups? I didn’t. 

And Millennials like disruption and I more open to it. At the same time, this might come across as disrespectful which is not the case. 

A very interesting conversation with Gabrielle. Enjoy!


More About Gabrielle

Gabrielle Bosché is America’s Millennial expert. She is the bestselling author of four books on her generation and has developed millennial engagement strategies for Fortune 500 companies, top military officials and presidential campaigns. Gabrielle is the founder of The Millennial Solution– an international training company bridging the generation gap.

Gabrielle’s Books


How To Connect With Gabrielle

Website: http://gabriellebosche.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Saysgabrielle


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