#015 – Natalia Wiechowski – Dubai based leading Edutainer

#015 – Natalia Wiechowski – Dubai based leading Edutainer

In this episode, I have the first millennial as a guest – Natalia Wiechowski (Think Natalia). Natalia and I share some routes because we are both originally from Germany.  

Her path then led her to the Dubai where she has built her business as a speaker, impression management coach and digital influencer.

Natalia shared her story and journey how she was cool and successful on the outside but “dead” on the inside. It was a very genuine and honest conversation about challenges, struggle and the journey.  

Her top tips:

Be authentic instead of liked.

Be a “work-in-progress” versus a “Masterpiece”.

Focus on your “inner work” at least as much as on your “outer work”.



Think Natalia

More about Natalia

Think Natalia is a Dubai based, award-winning, bilingual Public Speaker, Impression Management Coach and Digital Influencer who radically changed her life(style) and career after a self-imposed sabbatical. After studying human behavior for over 12 years and spending almost nine months in isolation to find her purpose, the German social scientist (M.A.) and prospective Dr. phil. came to the conclusion that her mission is to help individuals – esp. entrepreneurs – impress themselves; and others. This insight encouraged Think Natalia to develop a new, unique training program, which combines the most successful elements out of performance coaching, personal branding and public relations. Besides this, the Edutainer enjoys spreading her message of hope and empowerment on public stages.

You can connect with Natalia here:

LinkedIn: https://ae.linkedin.com/in/nataliawiechowski/en

Twitter: http://twitter.com/thinknatalia

Website: http://www.thinknatalia.com


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