#012 – Ian Bosler – From Global Executive to Lead Generation and Conversion Wizard

#012 – Ian Bosler – From Global Executive to Lead Generation and Conversion Wizard

Ian and I both live in Melbourne. But we both had to travel to San Diego to one of those great Internet Marketing Conferences to meet each other in person. 

Ian is a great Disciplined Disruption example. After a successful corporate career, he founded Intertype in Melbourne. Starting as a typical printing business, Ian has reinvented his business to respond to the opportunities in the market. 

We both love and enjoy learning from the leading internet marketers in the USA because they demonstrate and live the way. 

Enjoy the conversation, and get some ideas for your transition path!

Ian Bosler

Some more information about Ian:

The graphic design industry needs a disciplined approach to disruption, however, the fragmented and craft based aspects of the industry make it challenging to apply some discipline.

Ian Bosler has published 3 International #1 Bestselling business books and is a serial entrepreneur. After a very successful corporate career in senior Marketing and Sales roles, he founded Intertype in 2004. Intertype started as a typical printing business but is now helping small, medium and large businesses to unlock profitable growth by leveraging their knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Originally from Mudgee, a small country town in NSW, he now lives with his wife and son in Melbourne. He loves the ocean, is an avid sailor and enjoys indoor archery.

Connect with Ian here:




Via email: ian@intertype.com.au


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