#010 – Werner Spies – What does success really mean?

#010 – Werner Spies – What does success really mean?

An accountant by qualification and an entrepreneur by experience, Werner Spies knows how to take the right risks and make them count. Initially a trainee accountant with PwC in 1986, Werner has made bold career moves that have taken him from South Africa to Australia, to founding CharterMason in late 2004. Werner is renowned for spotting a gap in the market, creating a new practice and using that practice to create value for his customers. Professional services to Werner mean an offering to a client that is significant beyond the ink on the contract.
Werner founded CMC-Group, CharterMason, Combined Design Engineers and Comparex Australia. He has worked with LogicaCMG, EPI-USE, CharterMason and now CMC-Group.
Specialities include: Practice Strategy, design, leadership and execution, introducing and operating network-based organizational models.
Werner has a keen interest in all sports, plays golf and tennis and has a real passion for travelling and the study of human behaviours.

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/spiesw

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/werner-spies-5727309


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