#008 – Markus Keiper – moving between worlds with Career 4.0

#008 – Markus Keiper – moving between worlds with Career 4.0

Director and Chief Transformation Architect

Markus L. Keiper is a Human 2 Business transformation authority: after 20 years on 4 continents in several executive teams in B2B, B2C and non governmental organisations, he has dedicated his work to transform leaders – creating the future.

He holds an MBA in International Marketing and Human Resource Management, is a certified Prosci ADKAR Change Management Practitioner, a certified Career & Transition Coach (USA) and is certified in Mastery in Deep Facilitation.

Markus is a German born C-Suite Executive who transformed into an Asian-European leader. He is the  former Executive Vice President for Global Marketing, Communications & Customer Management and board member of Rolls-Royce Marine. He has transformed the global customer & marketing communications management and branding for world renowned organisations including Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce, MTU and AIESEC (NGO). For the past 14 years he led and developed leadership teams in Australia, India, Singapore, China, North America and Europe.

He lectures executive education at the Singapore Management University. He also is a qualified Start Up and Entrepreneur coach and supports start ups in Asia-Pacific as an angel investor.

Markus’ passion for change is not only infectious. He lives it every day.

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